GeekMan Action Figure - Theme Song

A Geeky Theme

To be respected by his superhero peers, GeekMan asked us to create a theme song. And not just any theme song, he wanted one that reflected his unique nerdly powers and attributes. So without further ado, allow us to present…

GeekMan Theme Song - Lyrics

Geek-Man, Geek-Man, Geek-Man,
Geek-Man, GeekMan!

He's a brainiac,
Busting books, coding hack,

With one glance from his eyes,
logic seems to materialize,

Taped glasses and pocket implants,
Belt to his elbows, he’s one smarty pants…
Deep underground in his secret computer lair,
Powered by junk food, caffeine and his monitor glare.
(he’s a key clacking code hacking thinking machine…) He’s GeekMan…

Evil business types, look out!
If he’s on the scene, reason reigns throughout.
Go go go, gogogo tech gadget belt…
look out Internet girls, he's looking so ‘svelte!
(What a hunk’o’hunk’o’ nerdy love…) He’s GeekMan!

Propeller head, computer freak,
He’s the super-alpha-uber-geek,

Geek-Man, Geek-Man, Geek-Man,
Geek-Man, GeekMannnnn!


To the musical geeks out there...

Want to share your own rendition of the GeekMan Theme Song with other geeks? No actual musical talent required! All you need is some form of making noise (harmonica, bagpipes, spoons, bad voice, etc), a $10 mic, and the inner strength to let it all hang out. Let us know!

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