Working Together

We play well + collaborate well with others.

Happy Worker’s toy making process is a collaboration above all else. You and your team will help shape the toy concept, and we’ll keep everyone in the loop with regular updates.

We work with you and your team every step of the way to ensure the entire toy making experience is easy and that the final toys and collectibles bring nothing but happiness to you and your fans.

Getting to Know You

Every new toy and collectible begins with learning – about your business, your characters, and your fans. Knowing you better helps us understand what your fans love about your brand and characters, so we can create the best toys possible – and toys that achieve goals.

Getting Involved

Some of our clients prefer to let us handle everything, while others really relish being a part of our toy making process. You can be as involved as you want to be! Want to spend lots of time working on toy design with us? That’s great! If you’d rather sit back while we get busy perfecting, that’s ok too!

Flexible & Adaptable Design Approach

We work with all sorts and sizes of brands and teams, in offices + studios spread around the globe.
Some of our clients ask us to handle all aspects of design/sculpture/modeling/etc, while other clients have teams managing various parts of the character designs while we focus on toyifying the final assets, in whatever form they take. We’re flexible and supportive.

We can handle all aspects of design and prototyping, or your team can take the lead on some stages. It’s all based on your team’s talent and time. Our clients say we’re good at receiving and providing direction and we can “plug and play” well with your design team.

Sharing Our Toy

Not toy-savvy? No problem!
Some of our clients have dipped their feet in the toy pool before, but we’ve also collaborated with complete toy beginners. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we enjoy guiding our clients through the ins-and-outs of bringing toy creations to life. We always love helping our clients understand what happens at each step of the toy & collectible’s development.

If you have any questions, simply ask; we want you to live vicariously through the toys & be our toy making partner!

And we’re happy to involve your team as much – or as little! – as they like in the design & prototyping stages.

Reviews and Approvals

Throughout design, prototyping and production, we provide photos and physical samples to make sure that you’re completely happy with how the toys are coming along. Each review of our freshly baked prototypes is like having an early visit from Santa. We don’t proceed to the next step until your team has approved the current one.
And we only begin production when everyone’s pleased with the final prototype!


The people at Happy Worker were exceptionally enjoyable to deal with.

They intuitively designed and built a product that exceeded expectations and surpassed my vision

Gareth Musico, Account Manager
Thinkbox National Marketing

Your proposals were the most fully researched, thoughtful and appealing. You presented the most professional information and really knew all about our brand which is far beyond anything I've ever seen.

Associate Brand Manager

Working with Happy Worker is like hugging a rainbow!

Kelly Kubick, Customer Care Manager
McMillan Study Guides


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