Retail, Collector & Gift Packaging

First impressions matter.

It’s the truth: packaging means a lot. We handle graphic design, dielines and proofing for smart merchandising and happiness.

Great toy packaging is vital for great toys, so we begin packaging design as soon as we lock down the toy concept. We can handle all graphic design with your assets and direction, or your designers can take on the graphics and we'll provide the template and happy support.

6 steps to Retail and Collector Packaging

  1. Concepting
  2. Sizing & Volume efficiency meets sustainability - minimizing materials and considering environmental impacts
  3. Prototyping a.k.a. Dielines & Construction
  4. Graphic Design (if your team is handling this, we’ll provide a clean template with all required elements)
  5. Proofing / Final Sampling
  6. Finishing and Packing protection during shipping

Fan Favorite Packaging Styles

Popular packaging formats we work with include window boxes, card blind boxes, blister cards, clamshells, polybags, tin gift boxes, and acrylic display cases.

Each type of packaging has its advantages – some are favored by collectors, others are better for retail shelves or gifting at trade shows. Some packaging styles are better for environmental sustainability or reduced shipping expenses. We also enjoy experimenting with new materials and construction.

Window boxes

window boxWhat it is: Card boxes with a plastic window in front allowing contents to be seen. Versions with a flap hide the window and the toy for an additional surprise. Some window boxes are open (have no plastic), allowing fans to touch the toy inside. Whatever the style, the toy is usually encased within an inner blister.
Why it works: Box and inner blister offer good protection, while allowing toy to be seen through window.

Clamshells aka Full blisters

clamshell boxWhat it is: Either two molded plastic sheet which sandwich toy in the middle, or one sheet folded over like an underwater clam. Clamshell can either be permanently sealed (must be cut open) or re-sealable. Includes a card insert for branding and info.
Why it Works: Keeps product very safe, some varieties will have separate inner cavities for individual pieces. Re-sealable versions can be used for easy, safe, and presentable storage of product later on.

Blister cards

blister box

What it is: Transparent, sealed plastic domes glued to a sheet of die cut card or cardboard; card has graphic design, copy, branding, and other info.
Why it works: Molds around toy so it's tightly and completely encased—prevents shifting inside the package and prevents damage. Great for action figures and items with small parts or many components.

Blind boxes a.k.a. Surprise boxes

surpriseboxWhat it is: Like the window box, but without a window! Completely conceals toy inside; toy is usually inside a foil bag or polybag. Common for toy lines that are assorted and sold individually in point of purchase display cases. Graphics and copy on box exterior to explain what is inside.
Why it works: Complete surprise; great for a series of collectible toys. Good if seeing the toy is not important.

Printed polybags

printed polybagsWhat it is: Transparent bags that are either sealed or taped shut, providing an airtight protective home for the toy inside. Graphics and copy are printed on the bag. A header card can also be added to the top, providing more space for branding and info.
Why it works: Cost-efficient. Simple, easy, protective packaging common for mass promotions, simpler toys, or when toys are meant to be opened immediately.

Clear acrylic display boxes and cases

acrylic casesWhat it is: Completely clear plastic packaging with custom shape and design, and a door or lid closure.
Why it works: Specifically designed to fit the toy. Display-friendly packaging allows toy to be seen from all angles. For long-term display, acrylic beats dust bunnies and focuses attention on toy inside.

Tin boxes

tin boxesWhat it is: Metal boxes that can be designed to fit, with or without a window; either topped with a separate lid or equipped with a hinged door closure. Embossed and printed to add graphic design and branding.
Why it works: Re-usable! Tin is also magnetic, and can be a fun style of packaging for magnetic toys and parts.


tubeWhat it is: Clear plastic tubes that are custom created to display contents, or heavy paper tubes which hide the inner contents. Often sealed with a plug or a lid, tubes come in either cylinders or rectangles.
Why it works: Great for products that can be stacked or have many parts; can display product from all angles.

Packaging for Your Needs

We create packaging from scratch exclusively for each toy, we’ll develop it with your branding & specifications in mind.

  • Eco-friendly / green packaging Let us know what’s important to you: using recycled materials, creating recyclable/biodegradable packaging, or designing packaging that stands the test of time.
  • Trade show packaging Keeping booth storage space in mind and creating easy-to-carry products for the trade fair floor.
  • Retail packaging Ask us about adding branded hang tabs, swing tags, dangling tags, UPC codes, die cuts for hook-friendly display, and stickers to your product to help give it retail style finishing. These details tend to add value, helping your promotion or give-away look like it was purchased. People may even try to purchase your promotions from you!
  • Direct mail packaging We'll create mail-ready pieces, tightly integrating your new Happy Worker product with its internationally bound mailer box.
  • Bonus incentives Add owner's manuals, character brochures, or fun accessories like custom baseball cards or coins to your packaging to add value and fun.
  • In-package marketing collateral Integrate reply cards, brochures and sales rep business cards into the final package and its contents.

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