Logistics & Distribution

Delivery is everything.

We’re a complete end-to-end toy maker, from soup to nuts: we make the toys and we deliver 'em too, handling all freight, customs and shipping. Each order is delivered to our clients’ warehouses (or) stores (or) offices as needed.

We take care of everything. And we don’t celebrate until our clients are happy.

Logistics & Distribution - We Deliver Happily

We’ve shipped to 5 of 7 continents (…one of these days we’ll get toys to Antarctica) and have managed complex distributions to warehouses, retailers, client offices, convention centers, and homes.

  • Toy Safety & Regulatory Requirements – meeting safety requirements & satisfying governmental regulations
  • Customs Clearance – moving through borders as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Ocean & Air Freight – to one place or to many, full containers or smaller quantities
  • Shipping to Door – we deliver right to you & your location(s)
  • Rush Shipments – we'e often asked to handle shipments at super fast, even ludicrous speeds
  • Distributions – complex product distributions conducted correctly with ease
  • Arrives Happily & in Good Condition – like any loving toy parent, we don’t rest until the toys have reached their destinations safely and happily.
Neither rain, sleet, nor one of the largest blizzards on record...

Working with our happy client Cars.com, we managed over 300 toy shipments to offices, reps and media across the United States for a Super Bowl ad campaign launch.

In spite of the largest blizzard and snowfall in decades which brought the entire Midwest to a standstill, we delivered a very special shipment to the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. The toys arrived before kickoff – and we scored on a very challenging logistics Hail Mary pass.

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