Shipping at Ludicrous Speeds

Time Critical Rush Shipments - The Fine Print

Whether it’s for an event, trade show or retail launch, Happy Worker is experienced at delivering custom toys and collectibles safetly around the world, from large shipments to small, by sea, air, truck, or courier.

We have an excellent track record of delivering time critical shipments on time – we and our logistics partners can work very swiftly. However, through the thousands of shipments we’ve managed there are three challenges we have had to deal with and that our clients need to be aware of in time critical situations:

“Acts of God”

Obviously we can’t control natural disasters and labor actions such as port strikes – and yes, these can happen. In the few times events like hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, blizzards and striking workers have delayed deliveries, we’ve worked relentlessly with our shipping partners to get shipments moving as quickly as possible.

“Acts of Customs”

We and our shipping partners do our best to manage import/export risks such as customs release. When scheduling shipments we ensure all required documentation and certifications are complete and provided in advance. However, customs departments can delay shipments and containers at random for exams, which results in delays. In these instances we work day-by-day and hour-by-hour with custom brokers and officials at the port to speed things where possible.

Shipping Damages

While we work hard to prevent damage by developing sturdy packaging and shipping boxes, as well as advising carriers of care instructions, some damage can and does happen during transport. Shipments are handled by many different people along their routes and not everyone handles shipments as carefully as we would like. If damage occurs, the vast majority of shipping damage is to the toy or gift packaging itself, and is limited to a small amount of product representing < 1% of the shipment.

Happy Worker guarantees that our client’s toys and collectibles will be delivered happily in good saleable condition, and we provide a full credit for any products that are damaged during shipping,

Before the project begins we’ll discuss your distribution needs together, and then work with our shipping and logistics partners to deliver the collectibles and toys happily on time and in good condition.

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