Tilde: Ember Zoey Plush

Tilde: Ember Zoey Plush
Zoey Plush with Hang Tag
Tilde: Ember Zoey Plush
Zoey Plush Front View
EmberConf Zoey Plush
Zoey Plush Left View
EmberComf Toy
Zoey Plush Back View
Tilde: Ember Zoey Plush
Tilde: Ember Zoey Plush
EmberConf Zoey Plush
EmberComf Toy

Introducing the newest member of the Ember hamster family: Zoey!

A tech-savvy developer just like you, Zoey will fiercely guide you through the trials of Java Script. Let her cheer you on as you code the night away and conquer that deadline. 

  • The miniature (yet mighty) plush is 3.75" tall
  • The Zoey plush is made of hardcore code and fluffy-soft materials
  • Designed to be the perfect desk companion for adults and kids ages 8 and up
  • The Zoey plush debuted at EmberConf, a really cool event for folks in the Ember community




Illustrator: Lindsey Wilson

Designed and Developed by: Tilde and the Happy Worker team


Meet Zoey

Where to Buy - DevSwag



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