Luxurious Animals: Luxamillion Designer Plush

Luxamillion Custom Plush Toy
Luxurious Animals Luxamillion Designer Plush
Luxamillion Custom Soft Stuffed Toy by Toy Maker Happy Worker
Luxurious Animals Luxamillion Designer Plush
Luxamillion Custom Plush Toy
Luxamillion Custom Soft Stuffed Toy by Toy Maker Happy Worker


Luxurious Animals is an award-winning NYC agency specializing in interactive web, mobile apps, motion design, games, live action and visual effects. Leading the charge to engage and excite their clients’ audiences, the agency’s monstery mascot is the official ambassador of luxuriousness.


Luxurious Animals’ mascot, Luxamillion, is a friendly yet edgy monocle-wearing monster. Tasked with embodying the agency’s brand within the creative and advertising communities, Luxamillion coats the agency’s website and marketing with fun and fabulousness. However, because he was birthed as a one-of-a-kind, hand sculpted stop motion prop, the only thing this classy mascot couldn’t accomplish was to clone himself.


Luxamillion was remodeled into a stylish stuffed monster made like no other. With his soft and sophisticated fur coat, mismatched button eyes, a made-from-scratch glass & metal monocle, arm fins, tombstone inspired shaping, branded tag, and a cute-n’-tiny tail that helps him stand up, the plush version of Luxurious Animals’ mascot is unique to the core.


Under the swanky stewardship of Luxurious Animals’ team, Happy Worker redesigned Luxamillion’s sculpture as a posh designer plush. Luxurious Animals courageously lent their one-of-a-kind sculpted foam prop to inspire the development of several plush prototypes, leading to a final production model. The Luxurious Animals team designed Luxamillion’s branded tag while the Happy Worker crew fabricated a solution for Luxamillion’s unusual monocle. In the end, a ritzy monocle was designed and made from scratch just for Luxamillion.

The finished designer plush creatures were delivered to Luxurious Animals’ new pad in NYC to be hugged by the team, then gifted to unsuspecting clients and prospects across North America. To anyone lucky enough to get some personal face/fur time with this plush VIP, you’ll discover Luxamillion spreading the luxurious lifestyle through his hugs and “fur”ocious grins.

How can I get a Luxamillion?

If you're not a Luxurious Animals client, you'll either have to become one or make friends with one to get your very own Luxamillion.


The Luxamillions have been a hit. People have actually swiped them out of my hand before I finished saying "this is for you".

Garrett Nantz, Partner
Luxurious Animals


Luxurious Animals

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