Citizen / Poza: Poza "a" Plush

Custom Plush Letter "a"
Poza Plush "a"
Custom Plush Logo for Poza
Pile o' Poza "a" Plush Toys
Poza Custom Plush
Cosmetology Pros Get Comfy with Their "a" Plush
Cosmoprof Promotion of Plush "a" Letters for Poza
Designer Plush "a", Poza Booth, Cosmoprof
Custom Plush Letter "a"
Custom Plush Logo for Poza
Poza Custom Plush
Cosmoprof Promotion of Plush "a" Letters for Poza

Who and their agency, Citizen


Assist Citizen and their clients’ vision for the grand unveiling of, the first and only social network for cosmetology professionals; gift a unique and tactile brand piece to fashion and beauty celebrities at COSMOPROF, the premier North American beauty industry event; and encourage a warm connection with the Poza brand through the same huggable, soft and approachable piece seen in commercials and photography.


A soft and huggable, yet sophisticated and stylish replica of Poza’s signature "a" logo. The well defined designer plush stands one foot tall, covered in a medium length premium faux fur to match the warm and regal Poza purple tone. Finished with high quality hang tags.


Citizen, acting on behalf of its client,, provided the vision for a warm and stylish tactile piece for the Poza launch. With Citizen guiding look and feel of the final piece, Happy Worker handled design, fur selection, production and delivery of the designer plush to Las Vegas for COSMOPROF North America.


The “a” looked awesome. You freakin' rock. They were a hit at the show. Thank you, and your team, so much for the extra effort and quality.

Brett McCoy, Partner & Brand Services



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