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Marriage Building Program

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First time marriages and convalidations, call at least 1 year to 6 months before your intended date of marriage.

Individuals who wish to be married must be at least 18 years old, must be baptized, have received their 1st Communion and have been Confirmed. If these requirements have not been met, you are encouraged to enroll in Adult Sacramental Preparation classes available at this parish.

Steps to take:

1. Call Fr. Joshua Carlos to set up your initial appointment.

2. A recent baptismal certificate is required.

3. Couples must complete an Application for Marriage.

4. Couples must attend Spirituality of Marriage class.

5. Couples must complete a Focus Evaluation.

6. Couples must attend a Marriage Retreat.

7. Couples will be appointed a Sponsor Couple, who are practicing Catholics and married in the church.

8. After you have met with Fr. Joshua Carlos and he determines that everything is in order you can proceed to reserve your wedding date.

A $100 deposit is required when reserving the date.